Massage Instructor at Island Spirit Schoool of MassageKenneth B. Bevis

Principal, Instructor & Clinic Supervisor

Ken has been interested in health and healing for most of his life. He has been a licensed medical massage practitioner for over 8 years since his graduation from Hawaiian Island School of Massage. He also became NCBTMB certified in 2007.  He has been practicing Hypnotherapy for over 25 years.

Ken’s passion is to empower people to be able to gain greater understanding and awareness of their lives and their own healing. That passion has led him into meditation, fire walking, channeling and many other types of activities pertaining to the mind/body connection, energy, and its effects and how to interact with it.

He loves to support individuals on their healing journey and is excited to be able to assist them in a new and profound way. To empower them with the knowledge to help others is his highest calling.


island spirit school of massage KonaChristine Armbruster Bevis

Director & Treatment Instructor

Christine is originally from Switzerland and holds a Masters Degree in Education and Health Science from the University of Zurich. She taught College degree for 17 years. She has worked at the world famous Wilhelm Schulthess Clinic in Zurich (Sports Medicine & Olympic Center) and has vast knowledge about movement, training and exercising the body. She also owned a fitness and dance studio for many years. She became interested in Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage in 2002 and has studied extensively in Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii, and that led her to becoming a licensed medical massage therapist over 9 years ago.  She also became NCBTMB certified in 2006.

She loves supporting people to realize their potential and gain confidence as they learn how to care for their bodies in an easier, and more comprehensive way.




leslieLeslie Reilly

Treatment, Pathology, Pregnancy Massage & Pohaku Wela Instructor

Leslie has been teaching massage for many years. She is a Reiki Master, professional speaker and has studied extensively in all areas of massage and body work. Having lived here on the Islands for almost 20 years she recently moved back to the mainland to be with her family. She has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to teach massage again.



gigiGigi Goochey

Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology Instructor

Gigi holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sport Psychology. She is currently teaching at the University of Hawaii Community College at the Biology Department.  Gigi has taught these courses for approximately 25 years in different settings such as Hawaiian Islands School of Massage in Kealakekua, California State University at Fullerton and Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California. Her passion for the subject and especially for teaching is what come across as she expects a high level engagement from her students.


chetChet Glenn

Sports Massage & Thai Massage Instructor, Clinic Supervisor

Chet has studied for many years in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and is a recognized Master of Thai Massage. He has even occasionally taught in Thailand. Triathlete Magazine has recognized him as “the best sports massage therapist in Kona”.
He truly cares and is passionate about bodywork and loves sharing his knowledge with interested people.


lynnLynn J. Wind

Curriculum Design, Treatment Instructor

Lynn holds many, many certifications and has been teaching Medical Massage Therapy for over 30 years. She is the former owner and President of the Hawaiian Island School of Massage and is well known all over the world for her knowledge, and expertise. She has been inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame in 2011 for her many contributions to the field of massage therapy. Her classes are interesting and packed with information.


claudia_photoClaudia Suen

Self Awareness Instructor

Claudia’s passion for Eastern Meditation and Western Psychology started 40 years ago in San Francisco.  In the last 40 years she has acquired and tested Hakomi (Somatic Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy), Astrology and Tarot (similar to famous Carl Jung).  She is also interested in Bio-Feedback, Emotional Freedom Technique and Relfexology.
A three time cancer survivor, she truly feels that life is a gift. She combines all her skills and experience to teach people how to take care of themselves, live a little better and less painful.


Margaret Dexter



Jon Lovgren


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